Wild Flower Hook Earrings.1.Square.JPG
Wild Flower Hook Earrings.1.Square.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.2.Rectangle.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.3.Hexagon.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.4.Oval.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.5.Oblong.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.6.Round.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.7.Teardrop.JPG Wild Flower Hook Earrings.8.Heart.JPG

These vibrant, naturally feminine pieces are made with real miniature wild flowers that are carefully assembled by hand, preserved in resin and finished with sterling silver. They make fabulous gifts because they are beautiful bouquets of flowers that last forever! Earring hooks are .925 sterling silver

All handmade works have their own unique character and are one of a kind. Therefore, color, texture, shape and size might vary slightly from piece to piece

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