Large Jewel Necklace.1.Righteous Red.JPG
Large Jewel Necklace.1.Righteous Red.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.2.Outta This World Orange.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.3.Amorous Amber.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.5.Captivating Caramel.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.6.Champagne Chic.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.4.Yippee For Yellow.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.7.Grassy Green.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.8.Enchanting Emerald.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.9.Tempt Me Turquoise.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.10.Serene Skies.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.11.Celestial Cerulean.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.12.In Love With Indigo.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.14.Leap For Lavender.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.13.Passionate Purple.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.15.PeaceNLove Pink Large Jewel Necklace.16.Cosmic Clear.JPG Large Jewel Necklace.17.White Whisper Large Jewel Necklace.18.Black Blossom.JPG

These versatile, dynamic necklaces go beautifully with any outfit. Handmade by us at Dazzle Studios with stained glass! Each piece comes with a standard 18” chain, easily adjustable to shorter lengths

All handmade works have their own unique character and are one of a kind. Therefore, color, texture, shape and size might vary slightly from piece to piece

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$28.00 USD